About Us


Our team consists of reliable professionals who are trained to deal with all aspects of magnetic projects. Rumotek is a reputable installation, high-accuracy inspection and maintenance company covering Europe and North America area.

Our team of magnetism provide you with maintenance of your magnetic assembly installation and appliances. The whole process strictly comply with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality control system. Each of our engineers begin to participate in magnetic project based on at least 6 years experience in magnetism including CAD drawings, tooling and fixture design and application, prototypes finishing and testing. This enables us to offer the highest levels of professional service to you.

Excellence, begins with practice

RUMOTEK has imposed itself on the magnet industry as one of the leading companies producing NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ceramic and Magnetic Assemblies.

Excellent designer team has distinguished the history of the company right from the beginning and has always guided the evolution of the products following the road of ORIGINALITY, ELEGANCE and QUALITY WITH NO COMPROMISES.

Many years magnetic installation and machining experience provide us with a technical and practical global vision of everything related to magnetism.

High quality standards, close attention to design and commercial professionalism are the ingredients that gave RUMOTEK its own success on China and abroad as one of the most qualified operators of the magnet industry.

Care for details, personal design, careful selection of materials, continuous technologic development and maximum attention to customer satisfaction. High quality standards, close attention to design and commercial professionalism are the ingredients that made RUMOTEK’s products are ideal choice.


Our Mission

Rumotek applies outstanding quality, advanced manufacturing, and innovative magnetic designs to enable customer success and growth of our organization.

Our Vision

Rumotek's vision is to be a vibrant, dynamic, fully integrated magnetic solutions provider. We pioneer the development of applications and technologies closing the gaps our key business partners face in advancing cutting edge solutions.

Our Culture

Rumotek's culture empowers our teams to innovate, learn, and provide solutions that positively impact our world. Our dynamic and supportive environment of high performing individuals are passionate about the solutions we provide to our customers. We invest in our teams and the community.


Design and Engineering: Rumotek offers a full service development capability employing a variety of 2D and 3D magnetic simulation software. A variety of standard and exotic magnetic alloys are stocked for prototype fabrication or production products. Rumotek designs and manufactures magnetic solutions for projects in:

• Automotive Tooling

• Electric Motion Control

• Oil Field Service

• Audio System

• Conveyor Material Handling

• Ferrous Separation

• Brake and Clutch System

• Aerospace and Defense programs

• Sensor triggering

• Thin Film Deposition and Magnetic Annealing

• Various Holding and Lifting applications

• Locking Safety System