We are strongly committed to research, development and innovation, aware of the dynamism of the industry and the need to create new products adapted to the increasingly demanding needs of businesses.
Engineering is at the heart of our business. We can help you achieve an optimized magnet solution for virtually any need, by application, by cost, by delivery time, by reliability, or by design!
Concurrent engineering from the start of a program always yields the best overall results - for efficiency, quality and cost. We work with our customers from the start of major programs for best speed-to-market.

Design Engineering

• Permanent Magnets - selection and specification
• Finite Element Analyses - to model magnet system performance
• Magnetic Assemblies - design for manufacturability, design to cost, acceptance test development
• Electrical Machines - through our Integrated Technologies we can design to functional specification complete electrical machines

Manufacturing Engineering
Quality Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering

• Design for manufacturability
• Design to cost
• CNC Machining and Grinding programming
• Machining tooling and fixture
• Assembly tooling and fixture
• Inspection tooling
• Go / No-Go gauging
• BOM and Router control

Quality Engineering

• Advanced quality planning
• MTBF and MTBR calculations
• Establishing control limits and plans
• Copy Exact methods sheets
• In-Process Gates to ensure zero defects
• Acceptance Test Procedure development
• Salt, Shock, fog, humidity and vibration testing
• Defect, root cause and corrective action analysis
• Continuous improvement plans