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  • Flat Disc Magnet

    Short Description:

    Product Name Flat Disc Magnet
    Material Neodymium Iron Boron
    Magnet shape Disc
    Grade N52
    Size D18x3,mm
    Coating Ni-Cu-Ni
    Magnetism direction Thickness
    Tolerance +/-0.1mm
    Max Working Temperature 80°C
    Delivery Time Within 16 days
    Product Keywords Flat disc magnet, N52 disc magnets

    Product Detail

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    Product Advantages:      

    1, Flat disc magnet size: 0-150mm

    2, Magnetizing Direction: Thick

    3, Assembling: Flat disc magnet can be assembled with steel casing or plastic shell in device.

    4, Coating: Any special coating you may want, no problem! Even unusual such as black zinc.

    5, Lead time: Sample of Flat disc magnet can be quick finished around 5 days, and ship free.

    6, FEA analysis or simulation: FEA REPORT can be offered to client.

     7, Report of physical detection: Can be offered to client.


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