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    The magnetic rod is made of permanent magnets and stainless steel tubes. It is good in recovery of ferrous material in the field of medicines, textiles, foods, grains, plastics etc. The magnet element in tube could be Neodymium magnets, Alnico magnets, SmCo or ferrite magnets.

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    Magnetic Rod

    Neodymium magnetic rod tube or magnetic bar with thread have strongest magnetic field 13000 gauss. It is good for ferrous material or metal scraps separation.



    1, Assembling with stainless steel SS316 and sintered neodymium magnet.

    2, Super good corrosion resistance.

    3, High magnetic induction intensity 1500-13000 gauss.

    4, Long service life: no need maintenance in 5 years.

    5, Laser beam welding brings good sealing performance.

    6, Working temperature: 0 – 300 ℃ .


    Model Magnetic Field Tube Material Diameter Length Working Temp
    MR-25 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 25mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-26 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 26mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-28 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 28mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-30 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 30mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-32 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 32mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-38 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 38mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-50 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 50mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-60 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 60mm 60-1800mm < 300
    MR-70 1500-13000Gs SS304/SS316 70mm 60-1800mm < 300


    1, Be careful fragile and clip hand.

    2, Carefully draw them, close each other slowly and gently when connecting magnets.

    Hard crushing cause magnet damage and cracks.

    3, Not allow Children play with naked neodymium magnet.

    4, Placed in dry environment, stored at room temperature.

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