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    Magswitch magnets are made of permanent neodymium magnet and steel shell. It can be used in all sorts of applications. Here we have an ON and OFF switch might make the job easier, they make sense. Clients we hear from most are those who work with wood or metals.

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    Magswitch magnets usually work in wood or metals industries. Carpenters, woodworkers and furniture makers find a lot of uses for them. The magnets can help make fixtures or jigs come together easier, faster and with more adjustability. Woodworkers find these things incredibly handy.
    Welders find these tools useful as well. Better positioning and setup is possible with these magnets.
    It’s possible to work faster than if you had to construct something with nuts and bolts and steel.

    How does it works?
    The Magswitch also has some thick steel walls on two sides of the magnet. Schematically, this magnetic circuit looks a lot like that cabinet closure. The magnetic field flows from one pole of the magnet(s), through the steel side-walls, and out through the object you’re sticking to. It then “flows” back into the opposite steel side-wall.


    Through Top Switch you can turn it OFF.

    Here’s where the magic happens. When you rotate the knob, you’re rotating the top diametrically magnetized disc magnet by 180°. Now the magnetic field flows from one magnet, through the steel wall and into the other magnet.

    The folks at Magswitch must have done their math right, because the steel structure is shaped and sized just right to keep all of the magnetic field flowing inside the assembly. It doesn’t reach outside at all. In this position, no pull force is felt.


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