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  • A New Halbach Array Magnetic Assembly – ARB SYSTEM Come Out

    Product Name: ARB System Halbach Array Magnet
    Product Feature:
    The Halbach Array magnet assembly is automatically tested each time the ride vehicle which goes  
    through the station and gets a “Go” or “No go” from the system.

    You can see this is a replacement part for an anti-roll back (ARB) assembly on a rollercoaster. ARB systems
    are used on roller coasters to engage a mechanical catch dog in the unlikely event of a lift chain break and
    it act as a secondary safety device stopping backwards movement of the ride vehicle.

    halbach array magnet 10

    Inspection Report:
    A report with a field survey of the existing Halbach array showing the field flux and the field intensity
    maps at the surface, the field flux and intensity maps at the surface of the proposed array, and an FEA of
    the field with and without the fin field interference for both existing and proposed. This information will
    help us determine that the proposed magnet array duplicates the fields and effects that the existing magnet
    array currently provides.

    halbach array 4

    halbach array magnet 4



    Post time: Dec-30-2021